Why Certify Your Seafood?

Your seafood is safe.
Your customers know it.

1. Brand protection.

Your business can't afford to sell a product that's contaminated; you need to be absolutely sure your seafood is safe to eat. Our team's careful testing is supervised by experienced professionals so you can confident in your certification and your product safety. And if your product has any problems, you'll know before people get sick, not after.


2. Brand preference.

Customers will be more confident in your product, and are more likely to choose it if they know it has been safety-tested. Most people also appreciate business support for environmental causes ocean health.


3. Product sustainability.

Even very low, safe levels of toxins provide benchmarks for comparison, allowing us to monitor levels of any contaminant and trace it to its source, with the goal of preventing future contmination in the food chain. For seafood businesses, this intelligence helps with planning and anticipating supply problems.

Fresh fish

Watchdogs Certified

Certified products can display the Marine Watchdogs Certified badge at the package.

We conduct these qualifying toxicity tests:

  1. Radiation
  2. Heavy metals
  3. Chemical toxins

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If your product tests indicate safe-to-consume levels of contaminants, your product will be certified.

No, first we consult with you on your results. If your product fails tests and you continue to sell it, after 60 days we will issue a warning to you.

First we consult with you on your results and offer suggestions for alternative sources and/or products. If your product fails tests and you continue to sell it, after 60 days we will issue a warning to you. If you persist in selling a contamimnated product after all warnings, we will report the product to the appropriate authority. However, this has not happened in the past, and would only occur if your business sells contaminated food, which it wouldn't do anyway. Right?

No, continued testing isn't required unless you change your ingredients, supply source, region or species.

Each testing and certification project is different, so the cost depends on the number and types of seafood, their origin, and your location. Please contact us for a quote customized for your business.