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Billabong Natural Rubber Wetsuit

Made from Yulex pure stretch natural rubber, the 4/3 Furnace Natural Zipperless Full Wetsuit is the most sustainable wetsuit Billbong makes. This long-sleeve wetsuit features Furnace Natural Graphene with recycled Superflex jersey infused with Ciclo fibers, reducing plastic microfiber pollution and plastic accumulation in landfills. It's also just an excellent wetsuit.

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ScubaPro Dive Gear

We usually buy Scubapro gear because it's precise and reliable, using the latest tech to enhance the diving experience. Scubapro provides the BCD, regulators and wetsuits that are ideal for underwater research and exploration.

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Genwiss 2000 Lumen Dive Torch

This powerful flashlight adopts Cree LED to emit even, super bright spotlight when diving, with aXM-L2 LED @ 2000 lumens, Neutral White light, shockproof and waterproof to 80 meters, with a 2-year warranty.. EASY TO OPERATE: to click the sid.

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Powervision Power Ray

This underwater remote sub is an underwater camera drone with 4K UHD camera for diving and boating. We use it for seafloor surveys.

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