DECEMBER 19, 2023

Loul Dental Studio Receives Ocean Ecology Award

The award recognizes Dr. Loul's environmental leadership

Santa Barbara, CA / December 19, 2023 — The Loul Dental Studio was recognized for their leadership in reducing plastic waste with the Ocean Ecology Award after Marine Watchdogs learned about their sustainable business practices that aims to minimize negative environmental impact— that is, pollution.

One standout feature of Dr. Loul's offices is the elimination of plastic materials like food utensils, plates and cups, which aren't recycled effectively in our current waste system. In addition, the office chooses non-plastic dental and office supplies. For example, instead of disposable plastic syringes, Dr. Loul uses stainless steel instruments that are disinfected and reused.

"We view the current plastic cycle and the accumulation of plastic in the ocean as a potentially irreversible ecological disaster," said Marine Watchdogs Science Director Judah Sanders.

A truckload of plastic trash is added to the ocean every minute.

Instead of using outsourced labs like most dental practices, Dr. Loul has in-house machines to produce products like crowns, creating efficiency for patients as well as elininating shipping materials and energy. The practice is also paperless, having eliminated unnecessary printed documents.

"Dr. Loul is also promoting awareness of the need to change our disposable plastic habits," said Sanders. "We hope other dentists follow his example."

About Marine Watchdogs

Marine Watchdogs is a nonprofit environmental action company with the mission of protecting and preserving ocean ecosystems. More about us

Ocean Ecology Award
The Ocean Ecology Award recognizes environmental leadership.

Goleta City Council
Loul Dental Studio of Santa Barbara has made efforts to minify their carbon footprint and eliminate all unnecessary disposable plastic materials.

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