NOVEMBER 3, 2022

The Marine Watchdogs Are Coming

California Research Group Testing Coastal Waters and Seafood

Santa Barbara, CA / For release November 3, 2022 — A new member-based nonprofit group has made landfall in Santa Barbara with the mission of using new technologies to monitor and protect the ocean.

Judah Sanders on the boat "As a science teacher, I wanted to know more about the health of our ocean ecosystem, particularly regarding seafood from the Pacific Ocean that most of us eat, " said Judah Sanders, Marine Watchdogs co-founder and Science Director. "We're doing pretty extensive lab testing that no one else we know of is doing, like testing for radiation and chemical toxicity."

Marine Watchdogs is releasing toxicity analysis results from certified lab tests on lobster, shrimp and other seafood, comparing Pacific Ocean catch with those from other parts of the world.

In addition to their Seafood Toxicology Report series, Watchdogs' services include seafood contamination alerts; an ocean crimes hotline to report leaks and illegal dumping; seafloor surveys and cleanup activities; and educational programs, including public awareness campaigns to alert Pacific coastal communities about problems facing the ocean environment. Judah Sanders on the boat

"We also want to get the next generations excited about the ocean," said Dave Dahl, the Marine Watchdogs Managing Director. "They're the ones we're borrowing this Earth from, and they'll have to take over. We want to help them get ready with educational products that make it fun to learn."

Marine Watchdogs memberships include discounts at supporting businesses and restaurants, and entry into a monthly drawing from the Watchdogs Treasure Chest of prizes members can win, like waterproof flashlights, marine radios and wetsuits.

About Marine Watchdogs

Marine Watchdogs is a member-based, nonprofit action company using new technologies to monitor and preserve the ocean. Watchdogs' activities include comparative seafood testing, toxicology reports and contamination alerts, seafloor surveys and cleanup events, and marine fields trips and ocean education programs.

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