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Is reducing single-use plastics just a dream? Here are some ideas to help reduce plastic in your life and our environment.

Plastic-free ideas

Concentration card matching game


Are you still sharp? Test your memory with this free Concentration card matching game!(No signup required.) Beat the record of 43 seconds and win a real deck of encylopedic playing cards.

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The Lobster Study


We're testing for contaminants that might be harmful to humans or to the marine ecosystem. This study compares the chemical compositions of lobsters from California, Canada and Australia.

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Ocean Ecology Award


The Ocean Ecology Award is given to organizations that take a leadership role in eliminating unnecessary plastic waste.

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The Shrimp Study


This toxicology study compares farmed and fresh-caught shrimp from different regions.

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Raydog Remote Sub


Raydog is our trash-finder submarine drone for surveying the seabed to find discarded objects that can contaminate the ecosystem, like lost engines, fuel barrels and paint cans, and lost plastic and fishing gear.

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The Sea Star Survey


In 2013-2014, 99% of some sea star species along much of the North American Pacific coast experienced a massive die-off. THE SEA STAR SURVEY is a search for sea stars along the Pacific Coast.

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Ocean Calendar


Our aggregated calendar includes ocean field trips, festivals, conferences, and ocean cleanup events.

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The Sea Star Survey


Marine Puzzles! We'll make a jigsaw puzzle with your picture that you can play online! (Free, no sign-in or download required.)

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Marine Bingo and Poker cards


It's the fastest, funnest way to learn to love the ocean... and retain what you learn. The complete educational game set includes 25 bingo cards, 52 encyclopedic sea animal flash cards/playing cards, seashell bingo markers, and an online teaching program with tools including powerpoints, videos and instructions for different games.

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The things we have admired were beginning to decay. We said, 'we have to do something. We have to enter the fight... protect what you love.'

Jaques Cousteau

We're speaking out for the ocean.
You can, too.

We are people who care deeply about the ocean and the food products that come from it. We want to help preserve the ocean for future generations.

In addition to our research, educational media and cleanup campaigns, we want to engage the public to reduce single-use plastic waste and get future ocean caretakers excited about marine science and ocean ecology.

More about us

Yes, we are a California Public Benefit Company (ID# 5312804), designated 501(c)(3).

As a member-based action company, we intend to:

  1. Get the next generations excited about the ocean
  2. Enable resources for community involvement in ocean ecology
  3. Use the most advanced technologies to understand and monitor ocean health
  4. Detect and help to eliminate sources of contamination
  5. Publicly promulgate clear test results on marine and seafood samples
  6. Support other nonprofits focused on ocean and environmental remediation
  7. Apply environmental policy pressure on companies and legislators
  8. Remind people to think about the ocean, and what we flush into it

Ocean degradation refers to the rapid changes in water and sea life chemistry that have occurred in the past few decades, due to contaminants ranging from petroleum and nuclear waste to the vast quantities of sewage dumps and chemical pollutants which affect all sea life and Earth's ecosystem at large.

Ocean crimes are activites that destroy ocean life and violate international policies. Today, ocean crimes are largely overlooked, and human industry continues to contaminate the water and seafood products with petrochemicals, radiation poisoning, microplastics and toxic metals like mercury. All major ocean products are at risk of contaminants, including tuna, salmon, crab, lobster, shrimp, scallops, clams, and even Fillet-O-Fish sandwiches.

Our mission is helping to preserve and protect Pacific Ocean ecosystems of the U.S. West Coast. Our work involves research focused on marine life chemistry, reducing the flow of toxic materials into our ocean, and producing educational materials for the next generations of environmental caretakers and marine scientists. Scroll through our recent activities!

You don't have to be a Watchdogs member to follow our pledge. Watchdog members agree to:

  1. Do no harm. Try to avoid adding to environmental pollution that contributes to ocean degradation.
  2. Share information. Show others how to avoid contaminating the marine environment. (But don't be annoying.)
By joining Marine Watchdogs, you can add your voice to a wave of information and new discoveries that bring excitement as well as knowledge... and maybe even help the human race survive a little longer.

Fish are important.

Anyone can be a Marine Watchdog!

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