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Teacher Membership Kit

A perfect fit with Next Generation Science Standards, Marine Watchdogs Teacher kit is an entertaining and memorable learning experience for students that helps them understand sea animals and marine ecosystems.

And it's a super-fun way to learn about the ocean! The membership and game set include:

  • A 52-card encyclopedic deck of marine playing cards / triva / flash cards
  • A set of durable bingo cards for 25 players
  • 52 matching Powerpoint slides for the classroom
  • 150 polished mother-of-pearl seashell bingo markers
  • Two waterproof wetsuit zipper bags
  • Game Rules with unique card games and bingo instructions
  • Member access to additional slide shows, posters and learning games
  • Your teacher membership purchase helps us to buy equipment and services we need for our seafloor cleanup activites and laboratory analyses.

    Marine playing cards
    Seashell Bingo Markers