We're serious about ocean ecology.

All our lives, we've enjoyed sailing, diving, fishing and surfing in the Pacific Ocean, and we've seen the sea life near California deteriorate as industry continues to pollute the waters we love.

We invite you to make the ocean your cause too, and add your voice to ours.

Founding Directors

Judah Sanders Science Director

Judah Sanders is a California science teacher, marine biologist and scuba instructor who focuses on environmental toxicology and agriculture. Judah leads a team of researchers and experts in chemistry, ocean and earth sciences, and related technology expertise to provide meaningful, actionable studies for government agencies, private industry and public consumption. Judah has also worked for the Department of Fish and Wildlife and has worked as a commercial fisherman. An avid spearfisher and lobster hunter, Judah's concern about ocean chemistry and seafood toxicity led him to design studies that use modern toolsets to monitor and understand oceanic changes and the health and long-term sustainability of the seafoods we eat.

Dave Dahl Managing Director

A former Navy swimmer, Dave first witnessed severe ocean degradation while living in Micronesia, where he saw the natural reefs destroyed by toxic wastewater. Dave co-founded Web Associates (later known as Level), Placemark One, Dragon Pearl Tea, and Homeless Backpacks. Dave studied computer science, linguisitics and world literature at UCSB and CalPoly SLO. He taught at CalPoly, and has worked for the City and the County of Santa Barbara, KEYT-TV, Novare Engineering and Apeel Sciences. Dave has always has a strong interest in earth sciences, and his atmospheric report Artificial Clouds was sent to every US senator and congressmen.

Gitte Events Director

Born and raised in southern California, Gitte has always loved the ocean. As a Mariner Scout in high school, she honed her marine skills to compete at "Gathering of All Mariners." Studying oceanography in college, Gitte moved to Newport Beach and then Huntington Beach in LA, where the chance to surf every day increased her love, joy and interest in the ocean. Her childhood fantasy of living by the ocean was finally realized when she settled in Santa Barbara, a community that shares her concerns for the environment and the health of our oceans. For over 40 years she has worked as a Producer/Director.

Mark Moreno Skipper / Fishing Director

Mark has lived on the Central Coast his entire life. A family business owner, Mark's passion for boating and fishing has led him to own almost countless boats of various kinds and an impressive collection of fishing poles. His off-work activities often take him to Mexico to catch large fish like tuna and mahi mahi. As an adept seaman and boat handler, Mark serves as our boat captain and marine advisor as well as a Marine Watchdogs Director.

Are you committed to ocean health? We're seeking another director who wants to "enter the fight" (Cousteau's words) by helping make decisions and contacts that benefit the public and our mission of improving ocean health.