January 23, 2024

Cool Cat Cafe Receives Ocean Ecology Award

The award recognizes Cool Cat's commitment to reducing plastic trash

Santa Barbara, CA / January 23, 2024 — The Marine Watchdogs Ocean Ecology Award was given to Cool Cat Cafe of Pismo Beach in recognition of their leadership in reducing plastic trash.

Voted Best Burger in Maui five years running— with thirteen different burgers on the menu— Cool Cat Cafe has eliminated almost all plastic from their food packaging.

"With a truckload of plastic trash entering the ocean every minute, it's not possible to remove it as fast as it's accumulating," said Marine Watchdogs Managing Director Dave Dahl. "We're steering straight toward an ecological disaster."

Americans throw away billions of plastic utensils every year.

"Cool Cat Cafe is also promoting awareness of the need to change our disposable plastic habits," said Dahl. "We're hoping other restaurants will follow their example."

About Marine Watchdogs

Marine Watchdogs is a nonprofit environmental action company with the mission of protecting and preserving ocean ecosystems. More about us

Ocean Ecology Award
The Ocean Ecology Award recognizes environmental leadership.

Cool Cat Cafe
Cool Cat Cafe has eliminated unnecessary disposable plastic materials.

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